How to use viinyl in your online promotional campaigns?

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Creating your viinyl is just the first of many steps to take that will lead to a successful online promotional campaign for your music.  Just like printing flyers to an event and not distributing them, a viinyl must be shared, promoted and distributed otherwise it becomes yet another page in cyberspace.

In web marketing terms, a viinyl song-site is the equivalent to a landing page.  In other industries, landing pages are commonly used in order to entice prospects to visit a page that has one clear call to action.

Viinyl song sites focus on the essentials: the music and the image, and acts as an important tool to market/brand your music. Having a page with only one main objective is very effective. If the user is attracted, the experience can be pushed further by becoming a Fan on Facebook, purchasing an album, etc.

1. Spread your music

Let’s face it, you’ve worked hard to make your music, now it’s time to put it out there.

Use one and only site/destination in order to make your new single available and know to the media, industry professional, your fans and prospect fans. Why you ask? 3 simple reasons… Visibility, SEO (search engine optimisation) and control.  I invite you to read the case study on the launch of a successful single “Ave Mucho” by Montreal band Misteur Valaire via viinyl:

Getting ready to launch you next hit?

Where do you begin?

1.1 Your fans (Direct-to-fan)

– Newsletter

Pull out your mailing list and announce your new song.


– Facebook

Post a message on your Facebook Page.  Let them know about your new song and encourage them to share the song too.

You can also add a personalized Tab on your Facebook Page menu showcasing your new song (better yet, offer it as a free download). –


– Twitter

Tweet about your new song.


– Official Site / your blog

Simply publish a small article about your new single on your official site and/or on your blog. Also make sure to put a small image/banner on your site in order to make sure you get their attention regarding your new single.

1.2  Media (Publicity)

If you are new to this and/or this is your first attempt to contact the media, I would highly recommend you read the following article: “How to approach the media“.

If you possess a media list of contacts that may be interested in what you do, chances are they will be happy to hear about your new song, and in return share it with their audience.  Also, please keep in mind that most music bloggers like receiving and sharing songs that are available as a free download – so be generous with your music.

One more thing, when approaching media contacts, don’t tell or ask them to put your song on their blog.  Simply add a personal touch to your message and briefly introduce your song – it’s important to try to establish a relationship.

To send your message you can:

–  Mass mail: Make sure to address them by adding salutations and name; your mass mailing system should easily do this for you.  Then write your message as if you were addressing it to one person only, and not to a group;

–  Personal message: It may take much longer to do, however it’s much more efficient and provides better results. Your contact will know you are addressing them personally, leading them to feel compelled to respond.  Compare this to a regular mass mail campaign, where the general outcome is the DELETE button, and this, without any hesitation.

–  A mix of both: Send something personalized to those sites and blogs you think deserver a personal touch.

1.3 Your target market (Advertising)

Advertising still remains one of the most efficient ways to reach your prospect fans on the web in an attempt to conquer new territories and fans for your music (of course this excludes any posts on or any top tier blogs).

You don’t have any fans/contacts?  In that case you have a choice. Either you pass months, if not years, trying to make fans, followers and subscribers, and continue “communicating” with the same 102 fans on your Facebook Page… OR you take the initiative to invest in your career in order to go to the next level.

Advertising allows you to target people with specific interests on the territory of choice quite efficiently.

Do you know who your target market is, the bands and artistes within your genre?  If so, take your best song and one of your prettiest images and get ready to promote!

If your fan has been seduced by your music experience, they will be more tempted to further develop the relationship with you by listening to the rest of your songs, and maybe they will want to stay in touch with you by following you via one of your social networks.

Also, it’s recommended to launch your advertising campaign while you are conducting media relations. Some will have already heard of you and the advertising campaign will act as a re-enforcement to your brand.

Note: Many launch campaigns were done without having to rely on advertising. However do keep in mind that these artists had, over the years, developed an impressive fan base, and more importantly a loyal one, which allowed them to successfully launch for free their latest material on the web.

–  Facebook ads

Nothing is more simple than creating a Facebook add: simply go here.

Just to give you an idea, 1 day of advertising with a fix budget of 50$ can generate some 125 clicks, 0.40$ per click. In addition, your Facebook advertising will be potentially viewed by hundreds of thousands of prospects.

The results will vary depending on the quality of the ad, the popularity of the artist, the target market, the offers for advertising during the time of your campaign, etc.

To read: Advice on Facebook advertising

 Google AdWords

If you are familiar with Facebook’s advertising network, you will find that Google Network display AdWords system works almost the same way, however provides a far larger and wider reach on the web… (YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and a plethora of independents sites). Please click here in order to get additional information or to launch an advertising campaign on google.

Google AdWords also allows you to purchase key words on Google’s search network.  Here’s a step by step guideon how to go about it.

Until we develop a simple “How to/hints guide regarding Google AdWords,  please do a search on Blogs and articles regarding AdWords and/or seek some help, because the AdWord system remains somewhat complex and is much less user friendly than Facebook ads.

–  Banners & ads on sites, blogs and target portals. A lot of sites manage the advertising that they publish on their own.  To find out more about a sites advertising pricing or general information, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see find any links relating to “How to advertise”.

You can also find sites like that allow you to advertise on specific sites and target geography location.

2. Buzz

Now that you have planted your seeds  (media, fans, advertising), let people talk about you and your music on the web and on social networks. Depending on the size and loyalty of your fan base, your relationship with the media, your marketing/advertising budget and quality/effectiveness of your ads, let’s not forget the quality of your music, word of mouth can now begin to take over.

3. Harvest the buzz

With viinyl you will be able to:

3.1 Measure your buzz

The statistics gathered in regards to your promotional efforts of your viinyl song site will guide you to develop better online marketing strategies.  You’ll be able to find out from which site your visitors are from, how many of them have downloaded your songs, where they are located geographically and even who your biggest ambassadors are.

3.2  Take “ownership” of you fans

The launch of your viinyl song-site will have brought you visitors, from which you will discover people that greatly appreciated your music.  You will take ownership of these people either by the “download for email” option or, because simply because they voluntarily registered to their favorite social networks (your Facebook Page, twitter account, etc.). As such, you will finally have the possibility to connect with them directly, in a simple way and with no additional cost!

And if you do happen to launch an advertising campaign, make sure to to analyze its effectiveness via the analytics tools provided by each advertising platform (Facebook ads, Google AdWords, etc.).  The number of clicks vs the number of impressions should be a good indication as to the interested generated by your ads.

Results: It’s very simple, your next campaign will benefit from the fact that you have a bigger fan base (a promotional leverage) then the last time you launched a campaign to spread your music.

Meanwhile, you have to continue to “give love” to your fans, chat them up, listen to them, give them relevant news and sell good shows.


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