Changes afoot on the viinyl platform!

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viinyl is about to see a serious transformation; one vital element, however, will remain the same – the unbelievable speed and simplicity with which viinyl sites are created.

In 2011, viinyl brought the visual delivery of music singles to the table; and now we’re engaging with LP format, and sales. The web LP format brings with it the visual playlist concept, giving listeners and fans a far richer, more immersive and inviting music experience compared with the current mainstream format where the art of the artist is presented only through text (Song title by Artist name).

Audio file sales, fixed or flexible album pricing (minimum price and Pay What You Want), will be added onto existing free distribution options. So, in just a few clicks, musicians, labels and writers will be able to share their work independently – and hold onto all sales-generated revenue via their PayPal account.

viinyl does video: hello moviemakers!

The chance for all to present on a fullscreen background website: YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos along with complimentary add-ons such as bios, links, credits, contacts, concert dates, lyrics – plus even the opportunity to offer audio downloads and sales.

viinyl boasts a fully responsive design – our sites will adapt easily to fit all screen types and sizes (mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers and soon, Smart TVs).

Since our launch, more than 20,000 artists and labels worldwide have set up viinyl accounts. We are delighted with the feedback so far, and very proud that we attract as many new independent artists as we do large, well-established bands such as NOISIA, Suede, CITIZENS, YanniEtienne de Crécy, StromaeHellogoodbye, Zee Avi & Deer Tick.

See you soon…

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