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Presenting your latest single at the entrance to your website has become the norm.

We remember the long and pointless Flash intros taking minutes to load with our low bandwidth connection (if you’re over 20, you know what I’m talking about). Our collective unconscious then decided to put an end to this step in order to arrive directly to the website.

In those days, an official site was the place to learn about an artist, stumble upon a piece of news, look at photos, consult the dates of shows and, if you were lucky, listen to extracts from songs and watch video clips. But, since a wide range of online services now replace these functions quite well; the site of an artist has had to redefine itself.

Today, the official site must adapt itself to the way in which the public consumes new content on social networks. If you are in the midst of the promotion of a new single or video, this is what should be reflected in the intro when you arrive at your site. During these weeks, this single/video will be your flagship product; the content which you want the public to share and speak about during this specific period. Why hide it by only putting it in a blog post or somewhere in your Music/Video section or a part that visitors will never make it to?

This intro page not only serves as an entrance for visitors to your official site, but as a micro-site to direct fans to social networks.

You may see this type of message from your fans on Facebook and Twitter:

Watch the new Metric video [] / The new Metric single is awesome []

But rarely will you see this type of message:

The Metric’s website is great. []  / I love Metric. [] 

And if this type of message is ever published, the followers will have little or no interest in clicking the link.

We share content, not an online presence. This is why the content that you want the public to see and share at this precise moment should be clear and evident in your online presence (official site, the welcome tab of your Facebook page, blog, etc.).

If 1000 visitors have come to visit your official site last week and another 500, your Facebook page, that’s about 1500 people who are going to be able to share and make your new material or content known to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Simplify your task with viinyl

If before you had to wait for the launch of a new album to get major changes on your site, you can now, in a short time and without difficulty, display a new intro on your official site for each new single/video releases.

– Create your page with viinyl >>

– Head over to the Announcement section in your admin panel. Write a text suggesting visitors to continue to your official website, then add your website link over your text (ex:

– Associate the URL of your viinyl with your domain name (ex:

And there you have it!

Surrounded by sharing tools and even an incentive to share (the Share to download option), you may obtain even more exposure with viinyl.

If you want to use this content to develop your mailing list, use the “Download for email” option.

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