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The US based band, Standing Shadows, recently had the opportunity to have their song “Struggle Of Our Lives” appear on the popular US TV show 90210.  Kudos to the Riptide Music team for the song placement opportunity, however extra kudos to the band as well as their team to have had the foresight to promote the song before, during and after the show.

Some Advice

Will your song will be used on a popular TV show like Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, 90210, CSI or Private Practice?

If so, make sure to take advantage of the online buzz that will be generated around the TV show by “smoothly” infiltrating the conversation and posting news about it on Twitter.  Using the show’s hashtag (ex: #GreysAnatomy), post a tweet, include the link to your viinyl as well as an update on when your song will be played, or is playing, or has just played.  Don’t miss the second round of Tweets that usually follow the West Coast airing of the show some 3 hours later.  Just make sure not to spam the conversation; if anything make variations of your messages.  Also, do not  write directly to the fans of the show and make sure not to repeatedly tweet your viinyl link.

You should also leave a small comment with a link to your viinyl soon after your song has been aired on the GetGlue page of the TV show.

Of course don’t forget to publish this great news to your fans on Facebook the day of the show.  They will most probably spread the news and your link, specially if you decide to give away a free download of the song to celebrate this great news.  The “Share to download option could also be a great way to gain some viral exposure to help spread the word.

You can even go as far as creating an advertising on Facebook targeting the fans of the TV show. ex: Get your free download of  “Struggle Of Our Lives” as aired on the last episode of 90210.

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