viinyl launch their tweet/post to download option.

Listen → Share → Download You can now offer fans a free song in exchange of a tweet (on Twitter) or a post (on Facebook).  1 download equals 1 share spread within the social network of your fan.  Have you got a hit in the making?  Think of the exposure that you could benefit with this type of exponential spread where all the fans who download your song will automatically be announced to all their friends and followers.

viinyl offer the following three download options, specifically suited to your needs:

Tweet/Share to download Free download Subscription Mailing List Direct Free download

A – Tweet/post to download

Some fans will instinctively share your new material, whilst others might not think to do so, or perhaps will not take the time to do so.  With this option, anyone who likes your song enough to download it will automatically share it with friends and followers – a perfect trade which works in harmony with Web 2.0 trends and the challenges faced by todays artists who are trying to stand out.

Using this option, the promotion of your new material can be placed directly into the hands of your fans; a good song will spread like wildfire. On average, with every download, your viinyl is destined to reach 126 followers on Twitter and 130 friends on Facebook.  The payback in terms of exposure is worth way more than the amount generated from straight sales – provided you had decided to sell that is – and that’s with zero spend on advertising.

ex: Ali Milner – I Dare You 

→ Perfect for launching new music (single from an album release, remix, special collaboration, etc.)

Watch how viinyl’s “Share to download” option helps Deer Tick launch their single Miss K.

B – Download for email

A sure-fire way to guarantee contact with fans for years to come is to obtain their email address.  Facebook, Twitter and Google+, occupy the top spot right now, however who knows where they are heading, or what rules they might impose down the line?  Look at Myspace…   That’s why we recommend that you take advantage of this option with existing fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as with your blog, official website, YouTube and myspace visitors.

If you are making your debut, and focusing on gaining visibility, we recommend that you distribute your song without this restriction. You would do well to use the “Tweet/Post to download” option, giving you the benefit of exposure, whilst expanding your fan base.  You could then effectively go on to use the “Download for email” option for data gathering (email) from your Twitter followers and Facebook Likers.  Your fans would now be more likely to divulge their email address to you and, with their interest in you already firmly established, your database would become more valuable. You could be sure that your email wouldn’t be left to languish in their inbox amongst a blend of unknown artists.

Ex: Ali Milner – Crystal Clear

→ Perfect for distributing a song as a gift to your fans (unedited version, acoustic version, demo)

C – Direct download

A straightforward, unrestricted way to offer your music.

Ex: Sarah W. Papsun – Bye Bye Teacher

→ Perfect for a song that you advertise or present to bloggers.

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