The appearance of your viinyl

Here’s some advice and guidance on how to achieve a great visual impact with your viinyl.

1. Background

You have three possible choices to properly position the background image you plan on using for your viinyl.  One of these options is sure to fit nicely with the image that you have chosen.


The original dimensions of the image will remain and will, by default, be positioned in the center of the page.  The image can also be repeated landscape, portrait or in sequence either way.

Ideal when using a small image to be situated centre page.

No repeat


Repeat horizontally                                                      Repeat vertically



The down side: the appearance of a large image will vary depending on screen size.  Part of the image may be cut off on a smaller screen, while the chosen background color will show around the image when viewing the vinyl on a larger screen.


The image dimensions are resized according to screen size, and will be fully visible.

Ideal for an image where you do not want to loose any of the details around the borders of the image. The down side: on screens, which are either too large or small in size, vertical or horizontal lines will appear, which aren’t great aesthetically.


The image dimensions are cropped according to screen size and re-framed to fill the entire page.

Ideal for most landscape images that have an adequate pixel rating (around 1440 x 900 or 1680 x 1050 pixels). The down side: on screens, which are larger than the actual size of your image, the image becomes stretched, and part of the outline can be lost. Using the following method you can fix the borders of your image, ensuring that either one or two of the edges remain visible – e.g. if there is an important detail on the left side of the picture, select the left arrow, and the image will extend in the other three directions.

2. Color scheme

You can coordinate the colors in your viinyl with the background image.  Please refer to the image below, illustrating which color relates to each element.

Lightbox colors You can change the colors within the window (lightbox) containing your bio, lyrics, etc.  The Normal FONT corresponds to the color of the text and Hover, to the color of a link when the curser is held over it.  The BACKGROUND is the color of the backing of the lightbox, while the OVERLAY is a semi-transparent color around the lightbox.

AnnouncementThe announcements section is the box situated, by default, on the top left-hand corner of your viinyl.  You can use this section to announce all sorts of information ( album release, upcoming tour, awards, appearances, special mentions, etc.), some exciting news, add third party widgets or even custom made code.   You have the option to coordinate your color scheme with the background image of your viinyl; and in the same way you could achieve a transparent background effect as well. Advice:  If you choose to display an image in this section, set the “opacity to “0”; as the background behind this image will completely disappear.

3. Positioning and size of your Announcements box

You can easily optimize the positioning of your Announcements box within your viinyl page by choosing one of the 4 default positions.  As well, if the contents of your Announcement box are smaller or larger than the actual default box size (300 x 100 pixels) you can easily adjust the size using Width and Height.  For example, if your Announcements take up half of the box, you can reduce the height to 50 pixels.

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